How to Wash Hoodie in Washing Machine? Explained

How to Wash Hoodie

When it comes to washing a hoodie, there's always a question popping into our mind whether we should be handwashing it or using a washing machine. Also, when we think of using a washing machine, we always worry that our favorite hoodie will get damaged.

So, in this blog, we will be going through how you can wash your hoodie so that it will get a perfect wash without suffering any damage. Let's get into ways to give your hoodie a perfect wash through the washing machine.

Washing a Hoodie in a Washing Machine 

Hoodies are comfortable wear that helps to keep us warm as well as gives us some stylish looks. I'm sure that you have a few hoodies in your closet, too. Washing a hoodie can be tricky as they can fade or lose their shape after washing in case you haven’t taken care while choosing the hoodie

If you are thinking of washing a hoodie in a washing machine, then here are steps that you should follow to make sure that it remains in good condition for a longer period.

Step 1: Read the Label of the hoodie 

Before we start the process of washing the hoodie in the washing machine, we must be sure that the hoodie is washer-friendly. 

In case the hoodie is washer-friendly, then the label provides specific instructions for washing and information about the water temperature, cycle type, and other special care requirements.

Step 2: Sort by color and similar pieces of clothing

In order to prevent color transfer, make sure you wash your hoodie with clothing of similar color. Wash dark-colored hoodies with other dark-colored clothes and light-colored ones with light-colored clothes. 

For better results, try washing your hoodie in a smaller load.

Step 3: Turn the hoodie inside out 

Next in our step is to turn the hoodie inside out. Make sure you fasten zippers or buttons in the hoodie so that they do not snag other clothes during the wash cycle and also help in maintaining the hoodie shape. 

Turning the hoodie inside out helps to protect the designs and imprints on the hoodie. In addition, it helps to clean the interior part of the hoodie, ensuring it's properly cleaned.

Step 4: Use Cold water and Mild Detergent 

Unless otherwise stated on the label, you should be using cold water for washing the hoodie. Cold water helps prevent the shrinking and fading of the hoodie compared to the use of hot water.

Also, use mild detergent so that it will be gentle on the fabrics of the hoodie. Using harsh detergents can decrease the lifespan of the hoodie and damage the fabric. Check the hoodie label to figure out the amount of detergent you need.

Step 5: Select a Gentle Cycle 

Choose a gentle cycle in your washing machine for your hoodies. These cycles have slower agitation and spin speeds that will help to keep the hoodie fabric safe.

Drying the Hoodies 

Air drying hoodies after washing

What's equally crucial with washing a hoodie is drying them. The two common methods for drying include air drying and the use of a dryer. Air drying is preferred over drying with a dryer machine when it comes to increasing the overall lifespan of the hoodie.

So, let's go through the steps by which you can air dry your hoodie so that it remains in perfect shape and color for more prolonged use.

Step 1: Lay down the hoodie down on a clean and dry towel

When the washing of your hoodie is over, take the hoodie out from the washing machine. Now, simply lay down the hoodie on a clean towel that is placed on a flat surface. 

Step 2: Press the hoodie gently 

Now, to remove water from the hoodie, press the fabric of the hoodie gently so that the towel can absorb the water. You should not be twisting or wringing the hoodie as it might stretch the hoodie and make the wrinkles dry.

Strep 3: Transfer hoodie to a new towel and roll up 

Now, transfer the hoodie to the new towel by laying it on a flat surface, as in the previous step. Roll the hoodie from the bottom along with the towel, making the hoodie roll inside of the towel. Now squeeze the towel to remove any excess water from the hoodie.

Step 4: Let the hoodie air dry 

In the final step, unroll the hoodie and place the hoodie in another dry towel or on a flat drying rack. Ensure the arms are straight and there are no wrinkles or folds in the hoodie. 

Leave it air dry for 8-10 hours or overnight and check whether it is completely dry or not before you place it into your closet or wear it.


It's pretty normal to get into confusion when thinking of washing a hoodie as there are high chances of it fading or stretching. 

The first thing to do in case you are thinking of washing your hoodie in the washing machine is to check the label and confirm if the hoodie is washing-friendly or not and for other instructions for washing.

Then make sure you wash the hoodie by turning the hoodie inside out, using cold water for cleaning along with mild detergent in a gentle cycle.

Finally, air dry the hoodie using a dry towel to absorb water remaining after washing and leave it for 8-10 hours or overnight.

Washing and drying your hoodies made up of quality fabrics will neither shrink nor get wrinkles and also remain in perfect shape for more prolonged use. So, make sure you check One Charlie Kilo for quality hoodies and sweatshirts made up of quality fabrics.