What Size Hoodie Should I Get

how to choose right size hoodie for you

Hoodies are one of the favourite clothing products that come to mind when considering versatility and comfort. I'm sure you also have one in your wardrobe. But, when you think of buying a new one, have you wondered what size hoodie should I get ? 

In this blog, we'll be going through in detail how you can get the right size hoodie so you don't need to wonder about what size hoodie should I get next time you think of buying one : 

Factors affecting hoodie fit 

Before we dive into what size hoodie you should get, let's first look into the factors that affect your hoodie fit. These factors play an important role when you decide the right hoodie size for you.

Fabric material 

The most common fabrics for hoodies include cotton, fleece, french terry, wool, and rayon, to name a few. The materials that hoodies are made up of play an important role in affecting hoodie fit. 

Different fabrics have their unique qualities and uses. The fabric material of your hoodie is likely to make an impact on your hoodie fit. Some fabrics stretch and shrink naturally, while some do not.

Washing and Caring 

How we wash and care for the hoodies can also affect the hoodie size. Fabrics can stretch or shrink over time with multiple washes. 

So, following brand guidelines while washing and caring is important to maintain the perfect fit for your hoodie.

Hoodie style 

Hoodies can be of different styles, from pullover hoodies to zip-up hoodies. The hoodie style you choose will affect your hoodie fit. 

Fit of a hoodie can differ according to the style you choose, so before you think of the right side of the hoodie, think of the style you want.

Things to consider while choosing a hoodie size 

Now that you know what factors will affect your hoodie fit, let's move forward to things you need to consider to find a solution to the question of what size hoodie should I get.

Make sure you keep in mind the following things when you choose a hoodie:


Hoodies are popular because of the comfort as well as versatility they come up with. However, the level of comfort can be dependent upon you. 

Some people feel comfortable when the hoodie is a perfect fit, while some might feel comfortable when the hoodie is slightly oversized. Make sure you know what you prefer, an ideal fit or slightly oversized, before deciding on a hoodie size.


Layering is another thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing a hoodie size. Make sure about how you will wear a hoodie before deciding on a size.

If you think of wearing a hoodie over another layer of thick cloth, you should be going for a slightly larger size, while if you are considering a t-shirt, you can opt for a regular fit.

Brand variations

Various brands manufacture hoodies. The user guidelines differ according to the brands and the materials used in the hoodies.

If you follow the brand guidelines while washing hoodies, the chances of stretching and shrinkage can be less, which will help you keep the hoodie size according to your fit and size.


You can get reviews of hoodies of brands you're thinking of buying from people who have already tried them. There might also be a possibility that they have reviewed the size of the hoodies.

This will help you get an idea about what hoodie's fit, quality, and comfort.

Steps to find a perfect size of hoodie 

Knowing the factors affecting hoodie size and things to consider while choosing a hoodie size now brings us to our main concern: finding the right hoodie size. 

Here are steps you can follow to find the perfect size of hoodie: 

Measure and find your size 

The first step to start with in deciding about your confusion about what size hoodie should I get is measuring and finding your size.  

An actual body measurement will help you identify the ideal hoodie size. You must measure your chest, waist, hips, shoulder, and sleeve length to find your size.

Compare measurements

When you know your measurements, compare your body measurements with the hoodie brand size chart. 

size chart for what size hoodie should i get

While going through the hoodie brand size chart, consider the size that matches your fit and is close to your body measurements. 

Determine your style 

As mentioned earlier, your hoodie style can make a difference in the size of the hoodie you choose. Your body measurement alone cannot be enough to determine the perfect hoodie size for you.

You can choose slim fit, regular fit, or large size fit according to your options. The size will depend upon the style you prefer.

Give a try

The last thing to do when choosing a perfect hoodie size is try a hoodie. Trying a hoodie before buying will give you a chance to evaluate the hoodie's fit and comfort.

Giving it a try helps to get you to choose a hoodie with the perfect size and an idea of how it sits in your frame.


You'll need to consider various factors if you're thinking of getting clear about what size hoodie I should get.  

From fabric material to hoodie style, you will need to take care of different factors to determine a hoodie size that is a perfect fit for your size. Also, make sure you go through size charts to get ideas about sizes available at the brand you want your hoodie from.

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