St Patrick's Day T-Shirts, Tank tops, Hoodies and Sweatshirts

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    It doesn't matter to us if you are truly Irish. EVERYONE is Irish on St. Patrick's Day! Put on your favorite St. Patrick's Day t-shirt and start the fun. Join the constant clatter of glasses as you toast and toast. The wild ride has only just begun.

    Pour yourself a shot of whiskey, neat. One more. One more. You'll undoubtedly be having mixed drinks about feelings soon. Shut up liver, you’re fine! When St. Patrick's Day arrives, you can handle another round. Show your love for your drink of choice by getting our St Patrick's day shirts for men, whether its beer, whiskey neat, bourbon or wine. 

    That is probably how leprechauns, the star of St. Patrick's Day folk tales, first appeared. You witnessed the rainbow. You are significant. Now hand me the golden pot and say, "Cheers, Breeches!" Runoff into the night while giggling as you drag your pot of gold. As if you’d be lucky AF. Just be sure it's authentic. We once knew a guy who took off with a broken toilet loaded with rocks. It's true!

    Stay away from all your useless Shenanigans. What’s more important than St. Patrick’s Day? Don’t catch any bad ideas on this day, and please distance yourselves from people who aren’t planning on getting drunk. It's much more fun getting wasted and enjoying this life you have. 

    You are probably awesome even if someone disagrees. If you doubt it just pour a whiskey neat and don’t care about what others think of you. Care less, and chug it down.

    Your friends might start looking for you in the St. Patrick's Day parade at some point, while you are just in your own world. Make them search for you, screaming “They were here just a minute ago”. 

    Or yeah, stick to beer. Beer’s good. Maybe have a green one while you’re at it. My blood type would be IPA because after a few bottles of beer, I P A lot and it is kinda annoying. Funny enough to make your sarcastic senses tingle?

    You can get the thought of getting fit out of your mind if you chug bottles and bottles of beer at that pace. Oh dear, you matter anyway and the worst thing you can do is travel at the speed of light. The faster you go, the more mass you gain!
    Just know that the leprechaun is still here and he just told me, I lost all my guns in a boating accident. Women are flying high and it is a thing. When is it a terrible idea to drink out in the daytime? Never. Bottoms up and feel lucky enough that you are still sober after all the drinks. 

    If at some point you cannot get where you thought you would be, drink bourbon. Don’t bottle up your feelings. Say what you are feeling with the help of bourbon and chill.

    If the bourbon isn't helping you, the funny St. Patrick's Day shirt has a funny pun that will make you laugh until you're drunk.

    If you saw a leprechaun, what would you do? If you claim to have seen a real leprechaun, dude, you're already half drunk because they don't exist! Hey, I now know what happened. That leprechaun has been selling drinks the entire time. There is no way you can resist the leprechaun's offer of a drink. When I'm sober, drink to me.

    Ha! There is no chance. We suppose that is sobering.

    There is a very slight chance we are ever getting sober. Our hearts are on our sleeves, and our slogans are on our t-shirts. With a fun and fearless St Patrick’s day t-shirt, One Charlie Kilo enables you to express yourself on St. Patrick's Day and any other day.

    So even when you’ve passed out with that empty mug o’ beer in your hand, everyone will know where you stand (lie). Somewhere over the rainbow there’s a leprechaun waiting to kick you in the junk. But here, we’ve got piles of your new favorite shirts and apparel. You’ll be wearing them every day!

    Yes, even to work. Though buttoned under your suit, right? Come 5 o’clock, rip off that professional crap and it's off to happy hour! Hulk would be proud.