Learn how to stretch a hoodie

how to stretch a hoodie

Are you worried about your favorite hoodie getting small because you have gained weight or a new one being slightly tighter? I understand your feeling because hoodies are the one that not only makes us warm but also make us look stylish.

Would you believe me if I tell that you can stretch a hoodie? In actual stretching, a hoodie is possible. In this blog, we will be going through how to stretch a hoodie so that you can make your favorite hoodie still fit you perfectly. Let's begin, 

Is it really possible to stretch a hoodie?

The answer to whether it is possible to stretch a hoodie is mainly dependent upon the fabric composition of the hoodie. However, you can expect a hoodie to stretch a bit. 

There are several ways to stretch a hoodie: water soaking, steaming, and ironing. We'll discuss each method for stretching your hoodie later in this blog.

Things to consider 

Before we directly jump into stretching a hoodie, let's first get into what you should be keeping in mind before beginning the hoodie stretching process. Following are the things you should consider before you start stretching a hoodie: 

The hoodie fabric

As mentioned earlier, the stretching of your hoodie will directly depend upon the fabric composition of your hoodie. Most hoodies are made of cotton, polyester, or a blend of two. 

Polyester is less likely to stretch when compared to highly stretchable cotton. To know the stretchability of your hoodie, make sure you go through the label to see the fabric combination of your hoodie.

The hoodie size you want 

The next thing you should decide before stretching a hoodie is the size you want to achieve after stretching. Water-soaking, steaming, and ironing methods will be ideal only if you want to stretch it only an inch.

 If you want your hoodie to be stretched by 2-4 inches, then a sewing alternative should be preferred instead of other ways of stretching the hoodie.

Methods of stretching a hoodie

Now, let's get into our main concern about how to stretch a hoodie. We'll be discussing three easy methods for stretching hoodies one by one so that you can select and try among them for stretching.

Water Soaking Method 

water solution for stretching hoodie

The first one on our list is the water-soaking method. Here's how you can stretch your hoodie easily by water soaking method: 

Step 1: Take some lukewarm water in a bucket that is enough to soak the hoodie thoroughly; cold water won't be of any help in stretching, and excessively hot water can damage the fabrics.

Step 2: Add some baby shampoo or hair conditioner that helps to help the hoodie fabrics to relax. Leave it for 20-30 minutes so that the hoodie soaks well in the mixture.

Step 3: With the help of cool running water, rinse out the conditioner and let the hoodie soak in the cool water for around 5 minutes.

Step 4: Now, it's time to drain water from the hoodie. To remove excess water from your hoodie, place your hoodie in a clean towel and wrap it from the bottom. This will help you remove excess water in the hoodie.

Step 5: Lay another towel on a flat surface and place the hoodie flat in the towel. Now, gently stretch the areas you want to make larger. When you achieve the desired stretch, use heavy objects like books, mugs, or paperweights to hold the garment in place.

Step 6: The last step is air drying the hoodie, after air drying check whether your hoodie is stretched or not.

Steamer Method 

steamer method for stretching hoodie

The next method available for stretching your hoodie is through the use of a steaming method. Following are the steps you should follow for stretching your hoodie by steamer method: 

Step 1: Hang your hoodie in a place that can be reached through your steamer.

Step 2: Let the steamer heat up and then start sweeping back and forth, top to bottom, and back and front using a slow sweeping motion. Make sure you penetrate the entire hoodie and make it warm and damp.

Step 3: Now gently stretch the hoodie part you want to stretch while it's warm; repeat Step 2 if it cools down.

Step 4: After stretching for a while, your hoodie will get stretched into your desired size.

Steam Ironing Method 

steam ironing method for stretching a hoodie

The last method on our list to stretch a hoodie is steam-ironing it. Let's explore how you can try a hoodie by steam ironing method.

Step 1: Make your hoodie slightly damp, and then place the damp hoodie on the ironing board.

Step 2: Heat the iron and start ironing the hoodie by stretching it slowly and sweepingly. 

Step 3: You can also stretch the hoodie while ironing by pulling the cloth on the sides and bottom using your hands.

Step 4: Finally, when you achieve your desired stretch, leave your hoodie to dry, attaching weights to help it maintain the stretch.


If you are worried about a new hoodie or an old one that got a bit smaller, stretching it can help you get a perfect fit. 

You can follow any of the methods: water soaking, steamer, and steam ironing methods for stretching your hoodie. These three methods are simple and quick and can help your hoodie stretch.

But, there are chances that you might not get your desired stretch even after trying all of these methods. So, are there any other alternatives? There are different methods for your rescue, such as sewing, but you'll need to seek professional help for this. 

What if all of these methods do not work? 

Unfortunately, if none of these methods including sewing method does not work for you, you should consider buying a new one. But wait, this time; you should get a size that perfectly fits you. For this, make sure you visit One Charlie Kilo.

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