Styling Tips: What to Wear with Black Hoodies

what to wear with black hoodies

Hoodies are one of the most comfortable outfits in your closet to keep you warm in cold weather. Along with its comfortability and versatility, it can also match fashion trends if you can style it properly.

Wait, what colour of hoodies do you have in your closet? I'm pretty sure that there is at least one black hoodie. Confused about how I guessed it correctly. To no surprise, I just made a common guess, as everyone has at least a black hoodie for themselves.

In this blog, we'll be going through what to wear with black hoodies. In addition to that, we'll also be going through some tips for styling your hoodies.

Tips for styling hoodies

No matter what colour of hoodies you have in your wardrobe, styling it would be a great idea. Here are two excellent tips for styling hoodies that match the latest fashion trends.

Layer underneath a jacket

An oversized hoodie underneath a jacket can be a fantastic styling option. Adding layers with a jacket can help you create a classic street look to your simple hoodie. While styling a hoodie with a jacket, make sure you use a pullover hoodie to make it more stylish.

Confused about what type of jacket to use? Well, there are a lot of jacket options available for you to use, but here are some handpicked jacket options : 

Bomber jacket with hoodie

Bomber jackets are on our list because almost every bomber jacket looks good with hoodies in black, grey or brown. However, hoodies in other colours also match with bomber jackets.

If you want to avoid doing experiments, a bomber jacket with a hoodie is the best option for you.

Leather jacket with hoodie

For a sleek and stylish look, you can wear a leather jacket with a hoodie. Not only does this give you an elegant look, but it also keeps you warm on evening occasions. 

Leather jacket wit hoodie

Although different hoodies match with a black jacket, avoid brighter-looking hoodies because the bright colour might not complement the black colour of the jacket.

Denim jacket with hoodie

denim jacket with hoodie

A denim jacket with a hoodie is another option available for your casual occasions. A denim jacket with a hoodie gives you a cool and casual urban look.

Although there are many colour options you can choose from in denim jackets, a blue one will be awesome for neutral-coloured hoodies.

Accessories with hoodies

Another thing that can add style to your hoodie look can be a piece of jewellery, trendy sunglasses, and an oversized wristwatch, to name a few.

Accessories help you compliment your hoodies and enhance your look. Embroidered hats, some chunky jewellery, sunglasses and sports watches are accessories that can help you complement your hoodie look.

What does a black hoodie go with?

Let's now dive into one of our favourite hoodie colours. Yes, you got it right: a black hoodie. Getting out of your confusion about what to wear with black hoodies, here are a few clothing options that will go best with black hoodies.


In reality, a black hoodie matches almost every pair of denims you choose. However, dark or light blue jeans complement it the best. Here are different jeans options to select for your black hoodie : 

  • Skinny jeans - For a sleek and streamlined look.
  • Cropped jeans - For a casual and elevated look.
  • Straight-leg jeans - For a relaxed and polished look.
  • High-waisted jeans - For a chic and formal look 

Chinos and Tailored Trousers

Another matching piece for your black hoodies is chinos and tailored trousers. Chinos and tailored trousers will help you get a smart-casual look with a black hoodie. 

Chinos and tailored trousers give you a slightly dressed-up appearance. So, a black hoodie with chinos or tailored trousers can get you through places where a casual look is necessary.


From styling your hoodie to answering your question about what to wear with black hoodies, jackets are something not to miss on our list.

As mentioned earlier, there are vast kinds of jacket options available for you to choose from that match your black hoodie. From bomber jackets to leather jackets, you can choose according to your choice.

Sneakers and Boots 

Sneakers and boots are the other things to remember while thinking about what to wear with a black hoodie. 

A pair of athletic or leather sneakers will perfectly match your black hoodie. In addition, you can also go with boots along with a black hoodie. While most of the colours of sneakers match a black hoodie, a pair of white ones will add a fresh and clean contrast to the dark shades of hoodies and jeans.


Although accessories are not a must-have item for wearing with a black hoodie, accessories can give you a fabulous look. 

Accessories, including sunglasses, jewellery, and an oversized wristwatch, can make you look more stylish and cool. 

what to wear with black hoodies

Final words

A black hoodie can almost go with every kind of outfit you choose. But with some matching wear, you can make it look more elegant.

Wearing a black hoodie underneath a jacket, a pair of blue jeans, and white sneakers will help you get a casual, classic look that you can use on various occasions. Whether you go to short meetings or for lunch with friends, this combination will work.

With this blog, I am sure that the next time you think of wearing a black hoodie, you'll be clear about what to wear with black hoodies.

So, are you ready to style with your black hoodie now?

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