10 Trending Custom T-Shirt Designs for 2023

trending custom t-shirt designs 2023

The reason why custom graphic tees are trending can be expressed in two words: Self-expression

What’s good about that you say? IT’S THE ULTIMATE LIBERTY over your outfit! What’s even better than showing yourself in an event in your own Personal FUNKY Taste?!! Sheesh! 

With no reason to doubt must-have custom graphic T-shirts, let’s dive straight into some of the unique trending custom tees!


Pie 'Til I Die 

If your heart races at the sight of a crusty funky flakey pie, behold your taste buds and purchase the trending Pie ‘Til I Die T-shirt. It’s not just a trending tee no no, it's the ultimate CRISP between you and your style.

Corona with Limes All Over Print 

trending custom t shirt

Corona, the word itself brings back so many memories! The product encourages you not to keep bitter-sweet memories in your mind but to display them in your fit instead! Neutralize the bittersweetness of corona with limes. You’ll see that they do well together!

What a fun and unique way to express trauma right? Wow, that was dark. Maybe that's why it's a trending T-shirt?

Thanksgiving Pre-Dinner Walk Club

Since Thanksgiving is near, do you have your Santa Pants? If not, this unique custom T-shirt is for you.

I mean Thanksgiving is not a good day for your pants so at least buy maxi pants or reach out and customize TEE which is relatable to your situation! That way YOU WON’T PROBABLY EMBARRASS YOURSELF!

With Soft style, you can take a new spin with this must-have t-shirt style!

'I Yam That I Yam'

trending t shirt

Are you thinking of coming out of your closet in front of your relatives? Wear the “I YAM THAT I YAM” unique graphic tee proudly to come out to your relatives without coming out to them! ;) 

Isn’t this the best cheat code?! HAHA

You can customize the design according to your wish and make yourself an Unique graphic tee.

I Lost All My Guns In A Boating Accident 

trending custom t-shirt

One of the most popular tees demonstrates unique graphics for gun-based humor. The trending custom T-shirt display and content is a humorous way of avoiding discussions about serious topics.

What a humorous way to demonstrate your avoidant issues!

The tee is popular among humor-loving females, you can customize it according to your wish. And there you have it, your own unique custom tee.

Turkey and Football 

With the rising holiday season, what better way to express yourself than some turkey humor?

This customizable graphic tee is for holiday humor lovers who are also familiar with football touchdowns! What could be a better way to score a turkey than this? 

What a tribute! You can be part of the crowd by buying yourself this trending tee.

T•H•A•N•K•S Giving 

Tell your family that *you will be there for them* by showing up in this F.R.I.E.N.D.S-themed customizable tee. Be thankful to them for this T.H.A.N.K.S GIVING!

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S-themed tee is a must-have T-shirt for a family holiday. You can show them what you are grateful for by simply showing up in this tee yourself or gifting it to them!! 

Show what you are thankful for!

Secret Ingredient: Resentment 

petty t-shirts

Pettiness is sometimes an ornament for some people. If you are one of Petty's but proud people, hold your head high because you can get this Secret Ingredient: Resentment tee. 

You can gift this petty tee, by your own addition, to wary those PETTY people and make them PROUD. It's the perfect mix of pettiness and humor! Join the trend, follow the crowd and get yourself a customized T-shirt.

Jive Turkey Unisex 


This postmodern aesthetic tee brings back the late humor of the 1970s. What a way to relive the humorous history. Let's bring back this trend and style ourselves with unique custom t-shirts such as this.

You can Gift the trending custom T-shirt 'Jive Turkey' to your friend who did not do well in history. So what do you say? Will your friends just LOVE your humor or add water to the fire? Gift to find out.

Meow's It Going

Who doesn't love a world play? What is a better meow-hearted amusement and a little kittenous humor? This t-shirt is designed for all cat lovers with such humor for unique custom-styled tees. 

You can customize it to your preference and even style it for your cat. How adorable is that! 

Where can you get them?

One Charlie Kilo

One Charlie Kilo is a clothing and accessories apparel company that promotes TRUE FIT through its satirical, humorous best-selling tees. Embracing the postmodern aesthetic, their customizable graphic UNISEX tees have been the best sold so far.