Sweater vs Hoodie: Comfort vs Style

sweaters vs hoodies

What would you answer if I asked you for two differences between a sweater and a hoodie? Wait, I know the first answer. It’s probably that a hoodie has a hood but a sweater doesn’t. Along with that, I’m sure that you’ll find it hard to tell me the second difference.

So, do you want to know the other differences between sweaters and hoodies? Besides the hood, there are other differences between sweaters and hoodies. In this blog, sweater vs hoodie, we’ll be exploring how a sweater differs from a hoodie. Let’s begin, 

The Origin 

Before we directly jump into the differences let’s know about the origin of sweaters and hoodies first. So, let’s get to know how the popular pieces of clothing began their journey.


It was the 15th century when the first knitted sweaters were produced. The traditional sweaters were made from natural wool. The first recorded sweaters were knitted by the wives of fishermen and sailors to protect them from the cold. 

Later in the late 19th and early 20th century sweaters began gaining popularity. Athletes and sportsmen involved in outdoor sports began wearing knitted wool sweaters during competitions. 

After being one of the popular sportswear, sweaters began to evolve in terms of design and style. This made it possible to become a fashionable clothing item. With this sweaters came into mainstream and became popular as everyday casual wear.


The American Sportswear brand Knickerbocker Knitting company today known as Champion brand invented hoodies in 1930’s. However, in the beginning, hoodies were just sweatshirts with hoods sewn on them.

In the beginning, hoodies were also popular as sportswear. However, later it began influencing mainstream fashion. Today, hoodies are one of the most popular garments due to their versatility and comfort. 

Sweater Vs Hoodies 

Now that we know the origin of both sweater and hoodies, it’s time to know their differences in our sweater vs hoodie blog. So here are the grounds on which sweaters and hoodies differ from each other.

Fabric Type

Sweaters were traditionally made up of wool and this continues till date. In addition to that cotton and synthetic fabrics are also used for the production of sweaters today.

How often do you see a hoodie made up of wool? There are rare chances for this because cotton, fleece, polyester and French terry are usually used in hoodies. 


Design is the one that makes sweaters different from a hoodie. Sweaters and hoodies differ in terms of collar, pocket and fastenings in designs. Let’s look into them one by one: 


Both sweaters and hoods do not have collars. Sweaters consist of a distinct neckline design that helps to give a unique look. The popular types of neckline are crewneck and v-neck.

On the other hand, hoodies have a hood sewn into the neckline. The hoods are separate pieces of garments that are attached to the neckline of the garment.


I’m sure that you might rarely see a pocket in a sweater. Traditional sweaters do not consist of pockets in them. So, most of the sweaters are designed for a clean and streamlined look without any pockets.

hoodie with a pocket

On the contrary, hoodies are usually known for their trademark kangaroo pockets. They are located on the lower front of the hoodie. These pockets not only give style to hoodies but also serve as convenient hand warmers. You can also use them to store your keys, wallets and other small items.


Traditional sweaters do not come up with any type of fastenings. They are usually designed as pullovers without any zippers or bottoms. But we can find zippers or buttons on modern sweaters. 

Hoodies on the other hand are also pullover garments. However, they consist of a zipper or bottoms that make them look more stylish. These fasteners also help in the easy opening and closing of hoodies.


Sweaters are designed to help you with a more polished and refined look. You can wear them to work, formal events and even a night out. Their sleek design plays an important role in making them more suitable for formal wear.

Conversely, hoodies give you a casual and sporty look. They are one of the most popular garments for everyday wear and athletic activities. Hoodies designed with fastenings and kangaroo pockets make them perfect casual wear.

Versatility and Reputation 

When it comes to versatility and reputation sweaters are a bit ahead of hoodies. You can wear sweaters in formal as well as casual occasions. It’s because of the sleek design a sweater offers. In addition to that sweaters have built their reputation as a garment that is suitable for various occasions.

However, hoodies are mostly suitable for casual wear. Hoodies are not usually preferred when it comes to formal settings. The reason behind this is that there have been some instances when people wearing hoodies have committed crimes such as shoplifting. Hoods in these cases have been used to cover the face of the individuals and hide identity.

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Both sweaters and hoodies are popular garments. While you might think the presence of hoods is the major difference between hoodies and sweaters, there are other differences too.

The first difference is in terms of the fabrics they are made up of. Along with that, they are also different in terms of their designs. The sweater doesn't usually consist of a hood, pockets and fastenings. On the other hand, hoodies consist of a hood, a trademark kangaroo pocket and zipper or button fastenings. They also differ on the grounds of style, versatility and reputation.

I’m now sure that after going through this blog, sweater vs hoodie you are clear about the differences between them. So, next time someone asks you about the difference between a hoodie and a sweater, make sure you tell them a few differences.

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