Should You Hang T-Shirts or Fold Them?

Should You Hang T-Shirts or Fold Them

Should You Hang T-Shirts or Fold Them? Does this question come to your mind quite often? But you are not the only one that’s confused about this. This has been an old-age argument.

Some argue that folding a T-shirt is better as hanging stretches the T-shirt. Others argue that folding T-shirts results in wrinkling. But whether it is better to hang t-shirts or fold them depends on various factors.

Before we jump to a conclusion about whether t-shirts should be folded or hung, let's get deeper into both the alternatives available.

Folding a T-shirt 

folding a t shirt

First, let’s get into folding t-shirts that will help you know when you should fold a t-shirt and the pros and cons of folding a t-shirt.

When should you Fold a T-shirt?

There are several factors, including drawer space fabrics of the t-shirt, that you should keep in mind if you’re thinking of folding t-shirts rather than hanging them.

Limited Drawer or Shelf space 

If you have limited drawer or shelf space, then consider folding t-shirts in an organized manner. This will help you create a clean stack of t-shirts in an organized manner within limited space.

Casual T-shirts 

If you have t-shirts made from casual fabrics such as cotton, then there are fewer chances of wrinkling in the t-shirt. So, folding and organizing them in a well-stacked way can be practical as well as a space-efficient way to store them.

Graphics or T-shirts with Delicate Designs 

T-shirts that have graphics or delicate designs printed on them are suitable for folding rather than hanging. This is because hanging could stretch the delicate designs on the t-shirts.

T-shirts use

The answer to the question of whether you should hang or fold t-shirts can also depend on for which purpose you wear the t-shirts.

If you have t-shirts that you wear frequently or if it’s t-shirts that you use for gym workouts, then folding and keeping them makes them more accessible.

Pros and Cons of Folding T-shirt 

Whether you hang or fold t-shirts, they have their pros and cons. Let’s first begin with the pros and cons of folding a t-shirt.


Organized drawer space and wardrobe 

Folding t-shirts will help you keep your drawer space and wardrobe organized. If you have limited drawer space, then folding your t-shirts will help you make efficient use of your storage space.

Facilitates packing and eases accessibility

If you have t-shirts that you wear frequently, then folding them can help you make them more accessible when you need them.

In addition, if you have to pack and travel frequently, then keeping t-shirts folded will make it easier for you to get them in your bag and travel.

Prevents Stretching

In case you have t-shirts that are made up of fabrics that get stretched easily, then folding them will prevent stretching.



Folding t-shirts can be more time-consuming than hanging them if you don’t have an idea about folding them. Also, you need to take care that the t-shirts are folded consistently.

Wrinkling can damage delicate fabrics. 

Folding of t-shirts can result in wrinkling of t-shirts and can also damage delicate fabrics if they are not folded properly. 

Hanging a T-shirt

hanging a t-shirt

Now, moving ahead to your question about whether you should hang T-shirts or fold them, let's get into hanging a t-shirt so we get to know about when we should be hanging a t-shirt as well as the pros and cons of hanging a t-shirt.

When should you hang a T-shirt? 

Following are the factors that you should consider when you choose to hang a t-shirt instead of folding it.

Ample Wardrobe Space 

If you have ample Wardrobe space, then you can organize your t-shirts by hanging them. You can make use of slim hangers to hang your t-shirts efficiently, utilizing spaces in your wardrobe.

Special or Delicate Fabrics 

T-shirts that are made up of special and delicate fabrics are more likely to be affected due to folding. So, if you have a collection of t-shirts that are made up of delicate fabrics and have designs, then you should hang them.


If you frequently have confusion about what to wear, then hanging t-shirts in your closet can make it easier to view all of your options at a glance.

Pros and Cons of Hanging T-shirts 

Like folding t-shirts, there are pros and cons of hanging t-shirts, too. Let’s get started with the pros and cons of hanging T-shirts:


Easy and Quick 

Hanging a t-shirt is easy and quick as compared to folding, as you need to place it on a hanger, and it requires no additional steps. 

Prevent wrinkles 

Hanging t-shirts is less likely to cause wrinkles on t-shirts as compared to folding them. If your t-shirts are made up of fabrics that are prone to creasing, then you should consider hanging them rather than folding them.


Takes up more space 

Hanging t-shirts can take more space than folding them, so that it might take a little more space in your wardrobe. If you have ample space in your wardrobe, consider hanging t-shirts rather than folding them.

Can stretch t-shirts over time 

Hanging t-shirts can stretch t-shirts over time. It’s better to opt for folding t-shirts if your t-shirts are made up of fabrics that are likely to stretch over time.

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Final Words

Deciding whether to fold t-shirts or hang them depends upon several factors that include the space available for storage, fabrics of which t-shirts are made and their use.

If you have limited space, casual t-shirts, then folding t-shirts will best fit your needs. On the other hand, if you have enough space, t-shirts that are made up of delicate fabrics and have designs on them, hanging t-shirts will be a better option for you.

Both hanging and folding t-shirts have their pros and cons, so the answer to the question of whether you should hang T-shirts or Fold them is mostly dependent upon your needs.

So, which one do you think will better work for you: Hanging or Folding?

My Personal Choice 

In the case of the question about hanging or folding t-shirts, I use them both as t-shirts I have are unlikely to stretch or have wrinkles. But How?

The reason behind this is One Charlie Kilo where I shop most of my T-shirts. T-shirts from One Charlie Kilo are of high quality, so stretching and wrinkling factors in choosing whether to hang or fold t-shirts are completely negligible.