Funny Family Members During Holidays

old family thanksgiving dinner

There is no escaping a family dinner during the holidays. No matter how much you try to escape it, your mum will guilt trip you into attending one. And this is the moment when you may encounter different types of funny family members. Even though you don't want to meet them, your mother will not let you avoid it. As you become older, you become aware of each family member's characteristics and come up with a plan to escape awkward family meetings. 

But despite the occasional difficulties, there is something precious about reuniting with family members at gatherings. But of course, there's always the question "When are you getting married?" that never seems to go away. Just ignore them as you ignore all your life problems. 

Here are some of the funny family members you meet at a family gathering:

  1. The Ultimate Gossip Team 
  2. The High Achiever
  3. The Photographer 
  4. The Anti-Social
  5. The Storyteller 
  6. The Know-It-All
  7. The Foodie 
  8. The Comedian 

The Ultimate Gossip Team

You will always see a team where there are few family members always gossiping about something. They always have the latest tea to spill. They know everything, from when someone's daughter gets home to who dropped out of college. 

It is difficult to enjoy yourselves when there are relatives who are always gossiping about everything that you do. It feels like you are being surveilled by a CCTV camera and everything that you do is a crime. 

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The High Achiever

There is always that one cousin who is better than you, and your parents can't stop comparing you to them. It's infuriating to constantly hear why you can't get better grades than them or achieve so much more in life. 

But remember that you are better at something that your cousin isn’t. They see you as a competition and the most annoying part is that they get praised by everybody while your achievements are ignored. 

Just know that you are LIT and no one can ever dim your sparkle. Achieving something that you aspire to might take some time but it will definitely come your way. 

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The Photographer

You may have encountered that one family member who always appears to have their phone at the ready, capturing pictures at random. While it can be frustrating to have unflattering photos captured, this family member often ends up being the one who creates cherished memories that you can look back on and feel nostalgic about.

If you're lucky, this family member might even propose postures or shooting settings that will make you appear your finest. But It's important to keep in mind that these images capture crucial times in your life that you might treasure. 

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The Anti-Social

You may have encountered family members who are more introverted and prefer to keep to themselves during gatherings. While some people may view this behavior as anti-social, it's important to remember that introverts simply prefer to spend their time in more solitary or low-key settings.

For these individuals, large family gatherings can be overwhelming and overstimulating. Instead of participating in group activities and conversations, they may choose to find quiet spaces where they can relax or simply be on their phones at peace. 

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The Storyteller

On the other hand, there's always someone at family gatherings who is extremely sociable and has a bunch of relatives captivated by their amusing tales. Whether their stories are true or not, they have a way of making it sound so engaging that you feel compelled to listen to them for hours on end, perhaps with a bowl of popcorn in hand. Amidst their own life experiences, both good and bad, they strive to inspire you with their struggles and offer advice on how to approach life.

They have a way of making even the most mundane events seem exciting, and you can't help but want to hear more.


The know-it-all relatives. Don’t you just get annoyed by the way they act? As if they were a human encyclopedia; except, they think that they always have to be right and prove it to everyone else. 

No matter the conversation topic, they have to poke in and give their opinion, acting like the smartest people in the room. 

You can be talking casually with a cousin when all of a sudden, the relative walks in with their "expert" viewpoint. They constantly feel the need to demonstrate how much they know while making you feel dumb. It seems as though they must assert their superiority in every discussion and win every debate.

But, let's face it, they occasionally have a decent amount of knowledge and information. They are prepared to impart a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of subjects. It’s just that they frequently go overboard and come off as arrogant.

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The Foodie 

You can't deny it, delicious food always puts a smile on your face. And during family gatherings, there's always that one relative who is only there for the food, indulging in all the mouth-watering dishes and desserts. You can see the joy on their face with each bite they take. And after eating their fill, they just sit back and slip into a food coma.

But you can't blame them, can you? Good food has the power to uplift your mood and bring happiness to any situation. It's like a therapy that never disappoints. So, the next time you attend a family gathering, make sure you savor every bite of the delectable food and let it make your day.

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The Comedian 

The funny relatives are always the best! They always have a way of making everyone laugh with their quick wit and humorous anecdotes. They know how to defuse the situation when a family discussion begins to get tense. No matter how tense the situation may be, they have a joke to lighten the mood. 

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Even though some people might find their jokes to be a little too harsh or direct, they always manage to make everyone laugh. They naturally have the ability to energize a space and bring people together. You can't help but smile when you hear their jokes, even though they might be a little controversial. Everyone enjoys seeing them at family gatherings since they are the social butterflies. You'll have a blast with this comic relative if you only remember not to take their jokes too seriously. 

No matter which type of family member you bump into, make sure you have a good time when you are at a family gathering. Life is too short to be not having fun so make sure you make more out of it.