Fun T-shirts that Make Cool Father's Day Gifts

fathers day postcard with mustache

Want to give a fun t-shirt to your pun-tastic pop who never gets tired of hearing dad jokes? Give your dad a different Father's day gift this year to make the occasion more enjoyable. Get the best unique Father’s Day t-shirts from One Charlie Kilo and make your pops happy.

Here are a few cool t-shirts you might want to consider purchasing this Father's Day:

  1. Plant Dad Unisex T-shirt
  2. One Charlie Kilo Unisex Tank Top
  3. Motorcycle outside Psychiatrist’s Office
  4. Pot Head Unisex T-shirt
  5. Super Dad Unisex T-Shirt
  6. High At Work Unisex T-Shirt
  7. You Matter Unisex T-Shirt
  8. When Does It End Unisex T-Shirt 
  9. Bourbon And Chill Unisex Tank  Top
  10. Roger That Unisex T-shirt
  11. Go Ask Your Mom T-shirt 

Plant Dad T-Shirt

Do you have a father who never forgets to water his plants, even when he forgets everything else? Gift your plant dad an interesting Father’s day gift. Buy a Plant Dad Unisex T-Shirt and show a simple gesture of how your father helped you to plant your roots. 

You can find this T-Shirt in various sizes and colors. As the plant represents the color green, Military Green would be the best color option. However, other color options are Icy Grey, White, and Sport Grey. 

One Charlie Kilo Tank Top

To keep your cool dads literally cool and relaxed all summer, tank tops make a cool Father's Day Gift. Made with breathable ringspun cotton, these tank tops are perfect in the summer. It can also be worn while going for a run, to the gym, or while grilling a steak on the barbeque for peak dad behavior. One Charlie Kilo Unisex Tank Tops make a funky style that comes in various colors; Navy, Black, and White. 

Choose from various sizes that best fit your father. One Charlie Kilo Unisex Tank Top comes in L, XS, S, M, XL and 2 XL sizes.

Motorcycle Outside Psychiatrist’s Office

For a father who is fascinated by or owns motorcycles, a funny motorcycle pun T-shirt can make an interesting Father's Day gift. Here’s a fun pun: "Why did the motorcycle park outside the psychiatrist's office? It wanted to work on its 'mental cycle'." Ok, that one might not have tickled your funny bones, but try it on your dad to see if it works on him. This t-shirt will make a great father’s day gift for any dad who believes that riding in the wind beats a seat at the psychiatrist. 

One Charlie Kilo comes with the print, 'Motorcycle Outside Psychiatrist's Officeand is available in a variety of funky colors such as Ice Grey, Natural, and White.

The sizes you can choose for this T-shirt are S, M, L, and XL.

Pot Head T-shirt

To all the brew-tiful dads who enjoy coffee most of the time and are addicted to it, a Pot Head T-Shirt can be a different Father’s Day gift idea. A fun idea to try would be to tell your dad that you got him a ‘pothead’ t-shirt for father’s day without context and to see his reaction! 

This unisex soft-style T-shirt is made of very soft materials. The collar of this T-shirt is made of ribbed knitting to prevent curling. Having a wide variety of color options this T-shirt can be a fun way to express your personality on the go!

The color options include Ice Grey, Military Green, Charcoal, Light Blue

The size option for this tee is S, M, L, XL

 Super Dad T-Shirt

Dads are undoubtedly great because they take care of everything for the family. One Charlie Kilo's Super Dad T-Shirt makes a unique Father's Day gift for your very own super dad. “Dad” is written in vivid colors that resemble the Superman logo and has a very distinctive style. This tee is very comfortable and it is made with 100% cotton, suitable for an active lifestyle, or just for relaxing in your home, we’re not judging! 

Buy vivid tones like navy or light blue. You can also select muted colors such as charcoal, military green, or black that best suit your father's personality.

It comes in different sizes S, M, L, and XL 

High At Work T-Shirt

This one’s for the workaholic dads. Dads who see the bigger picture and work hard for their families deserve an appreciating gift for Father’s Day. This father’s day t-shirt also makes for a good gift idea for the pilot pops who are always flying. One Charlie Kilo's High at work t-shirt with an airplane print makes a Cool Father’s Day gift.

This soft-style tee is made from soft materials which are 100% cotton. Moreover, the collar is made with ribbed knitting to prevent curling damage. 

High At Work Unisex T-Shirt come in S, M, L, and XL sizes with Light Blue, Ice Grey, Navy, and black color options. 

You Matter T-Shirt

There is a phrase called "dad bod" to describe the physique of a grown man because dads never stick to a diet! But no matter the size of your dad’s bod, remind him that it is the size of the heart that matters, but in a cheeky way. “You matter” unisex T-Shirt will make the best unique father’s day gift. This round-neck tee is designed with superior ringspun cotton.

The worst thing you can do for a diet is travel at the speed of light because the faster you go, the more mass you gain.  

Buy One Charlie Kilo You Matter T-Shirt in Navy, Black, Charcoal Black Triblend, and white color options. 

When Does It End T-Shirt

When Does It End T-Shirt can be a cool Father’s Day gift to all the impatient dads out there. For dads who hate being patient anywhere, let's say waiting in line at the groceries or talking to his annoying co-worker, or are impatient to get out of any occasion, this shirt can be a fun way to remind them that it is good to have patience now and then.  

This tee is comfortable for an active lifestyle because it is made out of 100% cotton. Choose from various colors Ice grey, Military Green, Charcoal, Dark Chocolate, Royal, and Black, and gift it to your dad on Father’s Day.

Bourbon And Chill Tank Top

Make Father's Day extra neat with a smooth bourbon and a relaxing chill. For all the chill dads out there, this One Charlie Kilo “Bourbon And Chill Tank Top” will be a perfect fit. This cool tank top is made with superior material and is comfortable featuring a round neck. 

The color options for this tank top are Navy, Aqua Triblend, Black, Charcoal Black Triblend, and White.

Roger That Unisex T-shirt

The “Roger That” T-Shirt is a great gift idea for Father's Day because it has a fun and playful phrase printed on it that many dads will appreciate. "Roger That" is a common phrase used in military and aviation to confirm a message has been received, but it can also be used in everyday conversation to mean "I understand" or "Got it."

In addition to its playful print, the t-shirt comes in a variety of color options, including Icy Grey, Military Green, Charcoal, Navy, and Black. This allows you to choose a color that your dad will love and that will complement his personal style.

The size option is available in S, M, L, and XL.

Go Ask Your Mom Unisex T-shirt

Remember when you were young and wanted to get a toy that everyone had or wanted to go to a concert where everyone was going, so you asked your dad for it but all you got was a “Go ask your mom”? Yeah, fond memories. Remind your dad of his great parenting skills by gifting this Go Ask Your Mom T-shirt