Best Funny T-shirts for Summer

man wearing t-shirt for summer

Summers are humid, the air temperature rises to hold more moisture, leading to increased humidity. So much so that you would be sweating like a sinner in church. That is definitely not a good look for this season. But what is a good look for summer are funny t-shirts with refreshing prints to uplift your mood on a hot summer day. Do you still want to look fabulous in this hot weather? One Charlie Kilo has a variety of humorous t-shirts for summer that you can flaunt and look fantastic around your friends.

1. Beach, Please

Imagine yourself standing on a beach on a beautiful sunny summer day. Summers, sand, and water are the perfect trio. You have the opportunity to relish building sandcastles and splashing in the water.

If you are going anywhere this summer it's the beach, so look cool all summer in a Beach, Please tees. Pair our cool tees with shorts, skirts, or swimwear to create a stylish and laid-back look that is perfect for a day at the beach.

2. Bring Me an Iced Coffee

The only way to start your day off right is with coffee. Unless I haven't had my morning coffee, don't talk to me. “Bring Me an Iced Coffee” is a smart way to let someone know that you won't begin your day until you've had a cup of coffee. 

A refreshing iced coffee may be precisely what you need to chill off and feel re-energized when the summer sun is scorching and the heat is oppressive. One way to look even cooler is to style yourself in a Bring Me an Iced Coffee tee. This cool tee is best to wear while hanging out with your friends or running some errands.

3. Beer

What could be more perfect than enjoying a cold beer with your pals on a hot summer day? Save water and drink beer. Beer with me and have another bottle because life is too short to worry about work deadlines, responsibilities, and hangovers. Live life to the fullest.

Beer makes everyone happy. You’re not a beer so stop trying to please everyone and don’t give a damn. What makes the beer tastier is when it is paired with smoky BBQ meat. Invite your friends over to your backyard and have a wonderful time this summer with a BBQ and Beer t-shirts that can make a statement on your fun night. 

4. I’m A Fan

Summers without fans are hard to survive. There are people who can’t sleep at night without turning on the fan. You wouldn’t want to imagine your life without fans in summer. 

Say you’re a huge fan of someone and watch their cheeks turn red. To make the conversation more subtle you can use it for someone you admire. But your t-shirt might mean that you are actually a fan of fans. Yeah, that would make more sense on a hot summer day. 

It could mean that you are not obsessed or overly intense about it, but simply enjoy it as a fan. 

I’m A Fan t-shirt is a funny t-shirt you can wear around a group of friends and make them chuckle with your lame jokes. 

5. Chill AF

Don't let the scorching summer heat bring you down! Instead, embrace your calm side and stay relaxed while others are losing their cool. Display your relaxed personality with your friends and worry less about the troubles in the world.

Summers with the shot of cocktails and doing nothing sounds fun, doesn’t it? You would want to share this moment with your friends and encourage them to care less about that job that isn’t paying them enough. After all, productivity at work is all drained by this humid weather. So, have a Chill AF personality.

Buy Chill AF t-shirt to stay indoors in your home and do nothing at all. 

6. I Pee In Pools

Some people can't help but admit to the odd act of peeing in pools, even though it's not exactly hygienic. If you fall into that category, the "I pee in pools" t-shirt may be the funniest way to spice up your summer outfits. People will take it as a joke, obviously but nobody will guess that you are telling the truth. 

We obviously do not support or encourage any inappropriate behavior, but occasionally it is acceptable to make fun of ourselves and our less-than-ideal habits. And, let's be honest, who hasn't felt the need to relieve themselves when swimming in a pool?

If you're feeling a little cheeky and want to make your friends laugh, consider wearing this funny I Pee in Pools t-shirt at your next pool party or beach day.

7. Fries Before Guys

To all the girls out there who want to get a summer body. Listen, it is not worth your time and effort. Flaunt your body as you like it, not the way others like them to be. In fact, you look better when you wear your natural beauty. 

Eat all the things that you want to this summer. And if that guy or girl doesn’t like your chunky belly, leave him saying fires before guys. After all, fries will make you happy, not in healthy shape but happy. 

Buy Fries Before Guys t-shirt and flaunt your summer body just the way you are. 

8. Pour Choices

Pour all your poor decisions into a whiskey glass. Drinking whiskey neat out of a glass can be the least ‘pour’ decision. The basic goal of drinking is to forget about your worries. 

‘Pour’ choices can sometimes lead to ‘pour’ consequences. Make sure you drink responsibly or f*ck it and just go with the flow of life and “You Only Live Once”. So, make sure you make the best of it. 

One Charlie Kilo's humorous Pour Choices t-shirts are the best funny t-shirt, so make sure to purchase one and avoid making another bad choice. 

9. Body By Donuts

Donut allow anyone to tell you that you are not great because you are, just like that luscious donut that everyone enjoys. 

Life without a donut seems less fun so have fun and don’t worry about gaining that extra weight that everyone else is trying to comment on. You only live once, travel, eat all you want and ‘Donut’ let anyone tell you that you are less than awesome. 

Buy Body By Donuts t-shirt and flaunt that sexy body of yours and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

10. Dangerous When Wet

You know that summers can’t be enjoyed without taking a refreshing dip in the pool. Why not treat yourself to some fun and soak up the cool water?

As swimming pools can be slippery and dangerous when wet, so can I. So, keep an eye on me because I'm dangerous when wet! Buy Dangerous When Wet t-shirt and flaunt your summer body while you are at a pool party or just a casual meeting with your friends. 

11. Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, everybody screams for ice cream! Ice cream can make every situation better. In certain situations, it can undoubtedly add a little fun. Ice cream may be a delightful and refreshing option whether you're enjoying a special event or are just trying to cool off on a hot day.

Do you wonder if ice cream ever thinks about you? Even if it doesn’t, wear an Ice Cream t-shirt on a hot summer day and look cool. 

One Charlie Kilo has many funny T-shirts that you can wear in summer.