Best Funny Quote T-shirts for 2023

funny quotes t shirt

Wearing a funny quote t-shirt always stays in style. It shows your witty personality and makes any situation less tense. Funny quotes on t-shirts have become a popular fashion choice for many years and they continue to be a timeless trend. 

These witty quote t-shirts are great conversation starters that will instantly help you connect with others. You can instantly see a smile on their faces when they read that funny quote on your t-shirt. 

Whether you are hanging out with friends or just want to show your personality, these funny t-shirts for 2023 is the way to go. Here are some best funny quote t-shirts that you can look cool in 2023. 

Funny Food Quotes T-shirts

Food is therapeutic. When you are feeling sad, treat yourself to your favorite food and all your problems will go away. Food can be a good companion when you are feeling bored. Funny food quotes are just a way to fuel your witty personality and look cool at food-themed gatherings. These funny quote t-shirts can also be a great conversation starter when you are on a date. Let's look at some of the funny food t-shirts for 2023.

Body By Donuts

Forget that summer body you were working out for. Savor that creamy donut that you had been craving for a very long time. You are what you eat. By that, we mean you are that creamy donut that everybody wants. 

Donut let anyone tell you that you are less awesome. Body by Donuts t-shirt is the perfect fit for you if you want to give up on that summer body and finally enjoy that donut. 

Missing Piece Pizza

Want to tell a cheesy line and want to impress your date? Food and humor are the easiest way to a girl's heart. They instantly become impressed by the small gestures. 

Tell your date a cheesy line, Even though you are here by my side my heart is still missing a pizza of me. Your cheesy cheese pizza would seem less cheesy in front of this line. But, Hey! It sure made someone smile. So, it’s a win-win. 

Buy Missing Pizza Piece t-shirt to let your partner know that a piece of you is missing without them. You can even turn this t-shirt into a couple tee by pairing it with our pizza slice t-shirt! 

Fries Before Guys

This one is for the ladies who are tired of always dating the wrong guys. Who needs men? Get this Fries before guys tee for you and your squad and head out for brunch to enjoy a nice, tasty meal with a side of fries. At least they’re good and can make you happy! 

Funny Family Quotes T-shirts

Family get-togethers can be awkward, but you have to go anyway. You couldn't agree more that attending a family gathering is far preferable than to face your mom's nagging if you happen to miss it. If you want to casually avoid interacting with family members during the dinner or simply want to appear effortlessly cool in what you're wearing, One Charlie Kilo has got you covered. Show off these funny quote t-shirts at the not-so-fun family gathering. It's nice to have at least one enjoyable aspect about the event, and that's you rocking your awesome t-shirt!

Practice Socialist Distancing 

Due to the COVID pandemic, it's important to keep your distance from others when you go out. Even if they’ve eased up on the six-feet rule, remind people to keep their distance (on socialism). If there are certain family members who annoy you, wearing a Practice Socialist Distance t-shirt can help them understand that you prefer to keep to yourself.

Chill AF 

After you attend a few family gatherings, you tend to get away with it all. You get so used to discussions and family feuds that you begin to worry less and chill out by keeping to yourself. Chill AF t-shirts show your cool personality and you can look fabulous in these tees. 

Drinking Quotes T-shirts

Drinking with friends and making fun of your friends is the ultimate goal of enjoying. After a few drinks, you become Chandler Bing, telling some funny jokes to make the get-together more fun. Being the fun guy in the group is surely a very difficult task. Here are some funny quote t-shirts that you can wear while hanging out with your friends. 

I Drink and I Know Things 

Drinking and having knowledge are common traits among individuals. Some people tend to talk a lot, while others find humor in not-so-funny jokes. However, there's always that one person, the "Mr. Know-it-all," who spills secrets and knows everything about everyone once they've had a few drinks. I drink and I know things t-shirt is a funny way to look cool while enjoying a drink with your friends. It embraces the idea that alcohol might bring out interesting tidbits of information, making for entertaining conversations.

Bourbon and Chill 

Some things are better left unsaid. But after a few bourbon drinks, you may find yourself compelled to share things that are usually better left unsaid. However, the next day, you'll likely regret because you'll realize the kind of stuff you revealed to your friends. To capture this sentiment, a Bourbon and Chill t-shirt would be a cool and humorous choice to wear during gatherings with your friends.

I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings

If you have mixed feelings about someone but still want to drink and have a wild time with your friends, why waste time on things that won't work out? Wear the I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings t-shirt when you're with your friends and see if they get the joke. If they don't understand, let it be. Just enjoy your drinks, and forget the past, but remember that after a few drinks, you might start sharing your feelings with your friends.

Shun the Pun T-shirts

If you're looking for cringe-worthy dad jokes, explore the world of twisted logic, exaggerated statements, and brilliantly warped perspectives. Just let your mind wander in any way after choosing a word, phrase, or idea. On the other hand, certain puns benefit from additional context or visual cues.

Alcohol You Later 

Deciding whether or not to call a girl after your first date can be a dilemma. It can also serve as a hint to a boring girl that you're heading home to have some drinks after a less-than-exciting date night.

However, Alcohol You Later is a playful pun you can use when you're planning to have a wild night of drinking with your friends and get rid of your girlfriend who keeps checking on you all the time. 

Please Paws for Our National Anthem

At special social gatherings or events, you'll often hear the national anthem being played. It's a tradition for everyone to stand up and pause for a moment until the anthem finishes, as a sign of respect for the nation. The phrase, Please paws for our national anthem uses a play on words, substituting "paws" for "pause." It's a fun way to remind people to take that moment of pause with your fur buddies. Similarly, some people naturally pause or stop when they encounter a cute puppy while going about their day.

Beach, please 

Taking a summer vacation is an enjoyable activity to engage in. When heading to the beach and having a great time with friends, wearing a stylish Beach, please t-shirt adds to the fun vibe. It's a playful expression that suggests a carefree attitude and a desire to relax by the seaside. So, if someone asks where you're going, simply reply with "Beach, please," indicating your enthusiasm for a beach getaway.

Animals and Pets T-shirt

You surely love your furry pets, and as an animal lover, a funny quote t-shirt with a hilarious animal pun would be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. It's a unique and entertaining way to showcase your love for animals while also sharing a good laugh with fellow animal enthusiasts.

My Dog is My Valentine 

Have you lost hope in finding the girl of your dreams and claiming your dog as your Valentine? Well, it is a good choice because dogs are great companions and they don’t complain about anything. They just sit still and look cute and ask for treats. My Dog is My Valentine is a funny quote t-shirt you can wear on Valentine's Day to show your love for your furry pets. 

I Let the Dogs Out 

You can't help but chuckle when wearing the I Let the Dogs Out t-shirt. It's a funny quote that cleverly references the popular song from 2000, "Who Let the Dogs Out?" This t-shirt captures the playful essence of the song and adds a touch of pop culture to your style. Whenever you wear it, you're sure to bring smiles and nostalgic memories to anyone who recognizes the reference.

Get these funny quote t-shirts that best match your personality and witty humor.