St Patrick's Day Shirts

St Patrick's Day

We don’t care if you’re actually Irish. On St. Patrick’s Day, EVERYONE is Irish! Pull on your favorite drinking tee and get the shenanigans under way. Join the constant din of glasses clinking a toast...and to toast. The wild ride is just beginning.

We do recommend you practice socialist distancing. But F*CK Covid. Grab a bourbon and chill in your shamrock hoodie and drink to the good life. No one says you have to go out into the melee. But do it anyway.

Pour yourself a whiskey neat. And another. And another. And soon, you’ll have mixed drinks about feelings, no doubt about that. Shut up liver, you’re fine! You can handle another round when St. Patrick’s Day is in town.

That’s likely how leprechauns got their start; the star player in everything that is St. Patrick’s Day ‘lore. You saw the rainbow. You matter. Now give me that pot of gold and “Cheers Breeches”! Dash off into the night, cackling away as you lug your pot of gold away. Just make sure it’s real. Some guy we once knew ran off with a broken toilet full of rocks. True story!

Or yeah, stick to beer. Beer’s good. Maybe have green one while you’re at it. Just know that leprechaun is still here and he just told me I lost all my guns in a boating accident. Women fly now. It’s a thing.

Oh no, now I see what’s happened. That leprechaun has been serving up drinks this whole time. Alcohol you later when I sober up.

Ha! Fat chance of that. The sobering we mean.

We are never getting sober. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, and our slogans on our shirts. One Charlie Kilo helps you express yourself on St. Patrick’s Day and any day with fun and fearless t-shirt.

So even when you’ve passed out with that empty mug o’ beer in your hand, everyone will know where you stand (lie). Somewhere over the rainbow there’s a leprechaun waiting to kick you in the junk. But here, we’ve got piles of your new favorite shirts and apparel. You’ll be wearing them every day!

Yes, even to work. Though buttoned under your suit, right?  Come 5 o’clock, rip off that professional crap and it's off to happy hour! Hulk would be proud.