Funny Father's Day T-shirts

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    Fathers that are fun and pun-static deserve a cool t-shirt as a gift on Father’s Day. One Charlie Kilo has a funny Father’s Day t-shirt that fits every funny pops’ personality and humor. 

    Well, it's no secret that summer can be a real scorcher! And there's nothing worse than reaching for a nice, refreshing popsicle on a hot day, only to find that it's already melted into a sticky, sugary mess. That's why keeping your cool pops cool is so important!

    When it comes to handling life's challenges, dads have a secret superpower - the ability to stay calm and carry on. Dads who forget everything else but always remember to water the plant are the fantastic ones. They have the superpower to forget what you just said, but their love for plants never dies, so, these plant dads t-shirt will show your love for them and their plants. 

    Who needs therapy when you have a dad who, after a few drinks, offers free life advice? After a couple of neat whisky shots, you can sign up for a free subscription to a drunk psychiatrist. Give them a I drink and I know things t-shirt

    Dads deserve the world after everything that they do for you. Dads who can sleep anywhere, without assistance, are living proof of superpowers! It's almost like dads have a sixth sense that alerts them whenever someone tries to change the channel while they're "asleep"! It's like they have a built-in alarm that goes off whenever anyone tries to mess with their TV-time. So if you're thinking of changing the channel while your dad is "sleeping," you might want to think twice - because he just might catch you in the act! Might as well get them a super dad t-shirt for father’s day for their superpowers. 

    "Roger that" and accept the fate that you can never win any argument with your dads. If the voice has all turned up then you should know that things have gone way too far! But know that your dad loves you no matter what at the end of the day.

    The grumpy attitude might come off after a morning coffee. One Charlie Kilo’s PotHead t-shirt is a funny Father's Day shirt that can steam some anger off the plate. Making your dad a fresh, dark cup of coffee in the morning is undoubtedly a wise move if he enjoys his coffee "pothead" style. It's a fantastic way to get his day started right, and it might even improve his mood for the rest of the day. Of course, it's best if you can avoid getting involved in any conflicts or drama. So keep in mind that the next time your dad is cranky, provide him with the addictive coffee to cool things down. 

    For a father who enjoys his glass of bourbon or whiskey, we have a range of t-shirts that he will definitely love! Gift them a funny shirt that says, Alcohol you later, pun intended. Or if they enjoy their whiskey neat, it can’t get more obvious than this Whiskey neat t-shirt. Does your dad enjoy a glass of bourbon instead? Not to worry, we’ve got a bourbon and chill t-shirt for that! 

    Looking for the perfect funny father’s day t-shirt? One Charlie Kilo has got you covered. With a wide range of collections to choose from, you're sure to find something that your dad will love. From stylish apparel to cool accessories, One Charlie Kilo has everything you need to make your dad feel special. And the best part? You don't even need to crack a joke to make him smile, let the t-shirt do it for you! So if you're tired of trying to make your dad laugh and failed miserably, why not go for something a little more straightforward? With One Charlie Kilo, you can give your dad a gift that's both thoughtful and practical, without resorting to cheesy one-liners or puns. After all, sometimes it's the simple things in life that bring us the most joy.